Friday, July 27, 2007

All Hail

There are some things I just can't master.

Like paying a bill the day I get it in the mail.

It's a disease.

I look at the bill, check the due date, and promptly forget about it.

Until the day before it's due, that is.

My cell phone bill is the worst of these; I have Cell One, but opted to go to a small, privately owned store whose customer service is based locally, rather than Bruhaha, India.

And, being in a small resort town, they take the same attitude as most businesses - goddamnit if we aren't profiting off of those fudge eating tourists, we will sure as hell NOT be open on the weekends, outside the hours of 9-5, 12-1, next Tuesday and every other day of the week.

So when one remembers that their bill is due on Friday night at 8:30 pm, and no open hours on Saturday or Sunday, it's safe to assume that you will shortly be incurring late fees that rival Lindsay Lohan's court fees.

The only saving grace?

Praise be to the internet and debit cards.

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